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Rethinking the news organization

Newsforce is a means for local news organizations to reestablish themselves as independent, highly relevant resources within their communities, all within a sustainable framework.

"A free press is an absolute necessity for democracy and self-rule to work. Our mission at Newsforce is to promote this ideal."

"Revenue problem" solved

For several reasons, primarily the evolution of the Web, local news organizations have lost most of their primary source of revenue: ads.

The industry has been trying to solve the "revenue problem" for over a decade, but to no avail.

Newsforce solves the "revenue problem" by using methods that realign market relationships, which ultimately empower local news organizations.

The App

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Conditions of use

Newsforce was not created for use by organizations with particular economic, political, religious, or social agendas.

Newforce's overarching purpose is to communicate with and to inform the general public. There are other offerings in the marketplace that organizations with specific agendas can use.

Simply priced

  • Subscription-based, paid monthly
  • Pricing algorithm primary factors are population served and subscriber volume by type
  • Reduced initial subscription pricing to allow for ramp up
  • Currently only available in the continental USA
  • Email us to learn more